Helping Kids Reach Their Fitness Goals in Fun Ways

There are approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) adults and adolescents that are aged 2-19 years that are overweight according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Journal of the American Medical Association. In addition, 1 of 7 households which are low income contains children that are obese. The push for soda bans and healthier diets have been on the rise for some time and the Obama’s fully encourage fitness and better health through many different types of programs and PSA’s. This often gives kids inspirational role models to look up to. Most kids need something to make fitness and eating healthy fun and some need extra encouragement to get fit. With bullying and ‘mean girls,’ a kid may not know where to start and just give up on trying to get healthy, which can lead to emotional and larger weight problems. Here you will find some inspiration for the kiddos that may enable them to get fit and eat better. Let’s take a look at :The Art of Stepping” and “Hooked on Phonics.” Hooked on Phonics began in 1987 and has educated many children in the fine art of reading and spelling. Today, approximately three million families use the Hooked on Phonics programs according to the Hooked on Phonics web site. The popular program is also used in many schools as well. Hooked on reading, math, school success, colors, numbers, handwriting, and foreign language are also some of the products Hooked on Phonics branched out from. There are too many to list here, but most of the areas have been a success with teachers and students.

Jessica ‘Remo’ Saul knows how to make a splash in everything she does. Jessica was born in the Bronx, New York, to Dominican and Puerto Rican parents. From an early beginning she held beliefs in creativity, artistic expression, and dancing. Saul first discovered the art of stepping when trying out for her high school cheerleading team. In college she formed a stepping team with her sorority sisters bringing more success to her budding stepping career. Then she became even more of a star in her craft by becoming the founder and owner of “The Art of Stepping” (AOS), an organization formed in 2011 to help bring awareness to underprivileged kids and communities through stepping. The organizations additional core values are to support artistic and cultural programs that help energize and keep children healthy and active. Currently, three locations are operated in New York City, Los Angeles, and Illinois.

“My goal is to create core fundamentals for this art form utilizing both the body and the mind. To date, this is the only dance program that actually documents your choreography to ensure original content. This will secure that we can create innovators and thinkers that can continue to express themselves artistically,” said Saul. Participants in the Art of Stepping programs range from K-12 years of age.

You may be wondering what exactly is the “Art of Stepping.” The Art of Stepping is taught through mathematical formulas. Kids not only learn about rhythm and dance techniques, but also learn some math as well – making the program a delight and learning experience for all. The program also gives kids a taste of Latin Dance.

Both Hooked on Phonics and Art of Stepping get kids active in different ways and help motivate them in ways they can understand and connect to have a better understanding of learning techniques and how the outcome of learning will produce desired results for a better individual. The kids not only learn, but have fun while doing it. Both entities promise to help kids learn the tools and life-skills they need to be a success later on in life. Kids eventually take these tools and adapt them so they may apply their knowledge to the non-academic world and further their success. The point to exercise and healthy activities is that they benefit everyone involved in a good way and provide a healthy way to reduce stress as well as give individuals the opportunity to stay well and on top of this health. Participants can play a proactive role in their health and feel as through they are accomplishing their fitness goals for a better life.